We are looking for a research assistant!

The XY-files: Unravelling the sex determination system in Cannabis sativa

Applications are invited for a temporary 34mth research assistant appointment, UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science.

Unlike many other plants, Cannabis sativa (hemp) produces male and female individuals. It is established that sex determination is genetic, but the exact molecular pathways involved remain elusive. In this project, you will work as part of a team focussed on identifying sex determining genes in Cannabis.
This is an exciting opportunity to join an enthusiastic team dedicated to using crop biology and genetics to tackle global societal challenges (PI: Dr Rainer Melzer)
Your specific roles include:

  • Plant cultivation and phenotyping
  • Laboratory work: DNA and RNA isolation
  • Support with lab management and organization
    To learn more about our group see: https://ucdflowerpower.org/

To apply, please go to https://www.ucd.ie/workatucd/jobs/ and select reference number 015585

Application deadline: 21st February 2023, 5:00 pm Irish time