Rainer Melzer – PI (in principle, an investigator)
email: rainer.melzer [at] ucd [dot] ie
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Susanne Schilling – PI
email: susanne.schilling [at] ucd [dot] ie
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Carl A. Frisk

Carl Frisk – Postdoc

email: carl.frisk [at] ucd [dot] ie

Sirui Pan – PhD Candidate
email: sirui.pan [at] ucdconnect [dot] ie
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Caroline Dowling – PhD Candidate
email: caroline.dowling [dot] 1 [at] ucdconnect [dot] ie
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Jiaqi Shi – PhD Candidate
email: jiaqi.shi [at] ucdconnect [dot] ie
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Nina Trubanová – PhD Candidate

email: nina.trubanova [at] ucdconnect [dot] ie

Conor Blunt

Conor Blunt – PhD Candidate

email: conor.blunt [at] ucdconnect [dot] ie

Grace Pender

Grace Pender – PhD Candidate

mail: grace.pender [at] ucdconnect [dot] ie

Seán Kettle

Seán Kettle – Research Assistant

mail: sean.kettle [at] ucd [dot] ie


Jonathan and Theodor – Personal Happiness Assistants to Rainer
Sorry – no email

Former Lab Members