Rainer Melzer – principle investigator of the UCD flower power lab

email: rainer.melzer [at] ucd [dot] ie
Office: UCD, Belfield, Science Centre West, room 148; Tel: +353 1 716 2290
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I studied Biology at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena/Germany and did my PhD at the Department of Genetics with Günter Theißen. After doing a Postdoc with Günter and working as an interim Professor at Leipzig University I took my present position at the School of Biology and Environmental Science at UCD in January 2015.

My main interests are on flower development and evolution. This comprises several levels of complexity, from the biophysics of transcription factor-DNA interactions to improving crop plants and the significance of developmental robustness for plant evolution.
I’m actually having far more questions than I have time and personell to answer them 😉 So, if you have similar research interests and are looking for someone to collaborate with please don’t hesitate to get in touch.