Susanne Schilling – PI

email: susanne [dot] schilling [at] ucd [dot] ie
Office: UCD, Belfield, Science Centre West

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I did my undergrad degree and PhD in Genetics at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany. Then I was working on molecular evolution of MADS-box genes, a huge gene family encoding for transcription factors involved in key developmental processes in all plants. I studied single sequence repeats in these proteins in Solanaceae (night shades) during my undergrad thesis. My PhD focussed on the evolution of Bsister genes, a subfamily of MADS-box genes, in wild and cultivated rice.

I am now working on the genetics of different crops, mainly hemp and wheat. My main interests extend from molecular evolution, genomics and phylogenetics to domestication and plant breeding. I am happy if I can work in the greenhouse, growing plants, but I equally enjoy working in the lab, employing molecular biology techniques, as well as doing bioinformatics such as next generation sequencing and phylogenetics.